‘I attended individual and group yoga sessions with Emily. I loved her gentle but potent style and it was like no other yoga I have experienced. It put me in touch with my body and my emotions and gave me a feeling of well-being. I like the fact she uses soothing music to enhance the experience.  Thank you Emily’ – Jane M.

‘I really liked Emily’s classes. I liked Emily’s gentle style of teaching and soothing voice. I would say Emily’s yoga classes are suitable for all levels, it was just the right pace for me. Emily has a lovely personality and the classes were very enjoyable. I’m sure anyone can find what they need. Thank you.’ – Renata K.

‘Emily’s relaxing voice and aura puts you immediately at ease and immerses you into your practice. She clearly sets intentions at the beginning of the class allowing a deeper connection to my practice, my body and my energy. Her guidance and instructions were so clear and always informed by an understanding of anatomy, making me feel like I was in the hands of an experienced yoga teacher.’ – Francesca W.

‘Emily is a fantastically knowledgeable yoga teacher, who really focuses on you as an individual rather than rolling out a standard class. Can’t wait for my next session.’ – Emily P.

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