Rove Yoga | Emily Wingrove

RoveYoga is the purpose behind your yoga practice, rather than a style of yoga.

There are many styles of yoga and thousands of yoga teachers all with their unique approach. RoveYoga is ultimately about encouraging you to become the best version of yourself – positively accepting that life is a journey, often without a fixed destination (life can be painful, exciting, anxious and amazing!).

The core of RoveYoga is to practice yoga without injury; you will be stretched, relaxed and strengthened physically, mentally and emotionally but in a controlled, safe and effective way.  Each class has an overarching purpose depending on the vibe or goal of the class or student and the time of day, leaving you free to relax, zone out and move (often to some great tunes!)

The founder of RoveYoga is Emily Wingrove, an internationally born and raised 200hr Yoga Alliance approved registered yoga instructor, based in Bristol since 2016.

Along with teaching yoga, Emily works full time as a Store Manager in Retail.  In practicing yoga from a young age and also encouraging her family and friends to do so (those who she could convince!) she became acutely aware of the incredible ‘yoga affect’ – reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating aches and pains, aiding pre and post natal care, and supporting people to be more present in their everyday lives.  And so…RoveYoga transpired.

Emily’s relaxed, friendly, dynamic and safe approach to yoga comes from her 200hr Yoga teacher trainer Sally Parkes, her first yoga inspiration Barbara Currie and continuously gaining experience from regularly attending yoga classes herself with fellow teachers.

Emily’s motivation is to share the power of yoga with her local community.

Share your yoga journey with #roveyoga

‘To rove, to wander, to travel constantly without a fixed destination along the journey that we call life’



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