Welcome to RoveYoga

‘To rove, to wander, to travel constantly without a fixed destination along the journey that we call life’

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website, I can’t wait for you to join me in roving yoga, one day at a time – to support you on your journey.

I am on a mission to encourage people towards a healthier way of being – mentally and physically. I  want you to get to know your body better, to have fun, and let go of whatever is holding you back. I teach from a strong anatomical base and encourage students to take my teachings off the mat and into their lives. Whether you’re a busy parent, a daily commuter, a social single or a super career driven individual – roveyoga is for you.

To rove yoga is the purpose behind your yoga practice, rather than a style of yoga. There are many styles of yoga and thousands of yoga teachers all with their unique approach. Rove yoga is ultimately about encouraging you to become the best version of yourself – positively accepting that life is a journey, often without a fixed destination (life can be painful, exciting, anxious and amazing!). Although I specialise in yoga for fertility, pregnancy and post-natal, I also teach a whole of other styles. Please do get in touch to talk further.

The core of rove yoga is to practice yoga without injury at a time that suits you; you will be stretched, relaxed and strengthened physically, mentally and emotionally in a controlled, safe and effective way. 

Share your wellness journey with #roveyoga, follow Emily @roveyoga for yoga and wellness advice.

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